Breakfast Food All Day Contemporary Floor Graphic

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18 x 24
26 x 36
35 x 48
This breakfast all day floor decal features an original, contemporary design inspired by classic American drive-ins and diners. Our floor decals are made of heavy duty vinyl with a skid resistant laminate that won't slip up on you. They're easy to apply, and the high-tack adhesive sticks to most smooth surfaces like vinyl flooring, hardwood, and painted concrete. A great way to decorate your restaurant from floor to ceiling!

  • Made of Heavy Duty Vinyl with Skid Resistant Laminate
  • Sticks to Most Smooth Surfaces - Vinyl Flooring, Finished Hardwood, Painted Concrete, and More; Indoor Use Only
  • Available in 24, 36, and 48 Inch Sizes
  • High-Tack Adhesive for Longevity; Made in the USA
  • An Original Design from the Retro Planet Collection