How to Decorate Your Company Kitchen/Lunch Room Using Coca-Cola Decals

How to Decorate Your Company Kitchen/Lunch Room Using Coca-Cola Decals

Maria Hayden

Here at Retro Planet we have always been huge fans of Coca-Cola. Not only their soda offerings but of the great advertising signs they have been producing for over 100 years. We have always had our offices decorated with lots of Coca-Cola decor, everything from Coke machines to rare advertising signs. After all, we did start Vintage Vending/Retro Planet years ago refurbishing Coca-Cola soda machines, coolers & fountain dispensers and buying and selling original Coca-Cola collectibles. We gave up the restoring years ago but continued to collect all things Coke. So when we were lucky enough to acquire a license from Coca-Cola to produce wall decals, signs and stickers, let’s just say we were very happy.

Coca-Cola Wall Decals

When it came time to redecorate our office breakroom, a Coca-Cola theme was obvious! The hardest part was deciding which graphics and theme to use as we now offer over 400 different Coca-Cola designs. Wall decals have many advantages but number one is they look fantastic, they are easy to put up and take down, they are flexible, they go around corners, they don’t leave a mess and are affordable so they can be changed a couple of times a year if you want. We will be changing the room up in November using all the great Coke Santa decals we have.

Our breakroom has had a retro theme with fifties diner furniture and from day one. As shown in the photos, the top shelf around the room was here already and was displaying many Coca-Cola collectibles. We simply fine-tuned them with this redo. First, we gave the room a fresh coat of pastel green and yellow paints which are great colors to accent the Coke wall graphics. And we didn’t forget the floor, the cabinets, the fridge or even the waste can. Okay maybe we went a little overboard but our decals come in a variety of materials perfect for any surface.* We can also print a custom size if you need it for your project and we have designs that can be personalized.

Kitchen cabinets are fair game also. We used matte vinyl for the fishtail decal above the sink.

Our wall decals are available in the following materials:

  • Polyester, a lower tac material with a slight canvas feel surface that is perfect for painted walls, doors. Easy to remove.
  • Matte Vinyl, a medium tac material with a smooth matte finish perfect for walls, cabinets, doors, appliances, glass. Easy to remove.
  • Gloss Vinyl, a high tac/semi-permanent material for glass and metal. Holds up to water and can be used for exterior doors and windows. Great for repurposing and up-cycling.
  • Floor Graphics, heavy-duty floor sticker boasts a laminated, non-slip finish and is designed to handle lots of foot traffic.