Retro Planet Decal FAQs

What are decals?

Wall decals go by many names, including wall stickers, wall tattoos and wall graphics. Whatever you call them, they're a fun and easy way to decorate a room! Decals have an adhesive backing that allows you to stick the decal to walls and other surfaces. All you do is peel and stick - no glue, paste, or water required.

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What are Retro Planet's wall decals made of?

Most designs can be printed on any type of media, but some are available only on one type. Other specialty media may be available upon request.

  • Our Standard Premium Media has a low-tack matte finish and slight texture that allows it to mask slight imperfections on the wall. No glare, can be seen from any angle. Easy to remove. It's most suitable for wall applications.
  • Our Matte Vinyl is also low-tack and is very flexible and is better for cabinets and other perfectly smooth surfaces. No glare, can be seen from any angle. Easy to remove.
  • Our Gloss Vinyl features an aggressive high-tack adhesive which is better for outdoor use, glass, metal, appliances and other perfectly smooth surfaces. It's very flexible and has a glossy finish. The same media we use for stickers. Intended for permanent application.

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Can I install my decal right away?

We recommend you lay your decal out for at least 24 hours after you receive it. This will allow it to flatten out prior to application. Also, if the wall is freshly painted, wait at least 3 months for it to completely dry.

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Where can I apply a decal?

Our wall decals can be applied to almost any smooth, non-porous surface. Depending on the media you choose (see What are Retro Planet's decals made of? above), our decals can be applied to:

  • painted walls and ceilings
  • smooth or sealed doors & cabinets
  • glass doors and windows
  • appliances
  • toilets
  • chalkboards
  • laptop and computer cases

Wherever you plan to put your decal, you should always remove surface dust first. If further cleaning is required, use a damp sponge or cloth (with warm water and a little soap) and make sure it is completely dry before applying your decal.

The condition of the wall you're applying the decal to is a very important factor. Apply to smooth surfaces for best results. Do not apply your decal to a wet wall or one that is obviously old and flaking. Egg shell, satin, semi-gloss and glossy paints work best.

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Can I apply a decal to a freshly painted wall?

We recommended that you give a newly painted wall at least 3 months to dry before applying your decal.

Low-VOC paints typically take longer to dry enough for a decal - as long as 6 months. If you have used a low-VOC paint you will need to allow for extra drying/gassing time before applying your wall decal.

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Can you recommend someone to install my mural?

If you're uncertain about installing your decal yourself, you can contact a professional installer. Search for one in your area or contact the WIA (Wallcovering Installers Association), a national group of certified installers.

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Will removing the decal damage my wall?

As long as the wall surface does not have inferior, loose or peeling paint, removing the decal will not damage the wall surface. Proper paint surface is important for any decal installation and we recommend all surfaces be primed then painted before installing.

Before removing a decal that's been up for 3 months or more, apply heat with a common hair dryer. This will loosen the bond on the adhesive enough to remove the decal easily.

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Can I mix and match horizontal and vertical brick mural decals?

No. The vertical faux brick murals are sized to interlock only with other vertical murals, or vertical brick panels. The horizontal murals are sized to interlock only with other horizontal murals, or horizontal brick panels.

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