Gauges Switches and Dials Vinyl Sticker Set of 10

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This Dial and Gauge Sticker Set includes an assortment of vintage meters and switches that's sure to delight anyone who enjoys steampunk or industrial decor. Great on guitars, notebooks, appliances, and more. Ten sticker set is printed in beautiful color on premium vinyl. Designs are: High-Low Switch, Increase Output, Audio Signal Switch, Modulation Output Switch, Yellow Megacycles Kilocycles Dial, Pounds Feet Degree Gauge, Black Square Volt Gauge, Condenser Meter, Hot water Heat Gauge, and Hickok Volts and Amps Meter.

  • Includes 10 Vinyl Stickers
  • Each Sticker Measures Approx 4.1W x 3.8H Inches
  • Available Exclusively Through RetroPlanet
  • Made in the USA