Hawaiian Hula Doll Tiki Peel and Stick Wall Border Set

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Decorate your walls with tropical vibes! These tiki inspired wall borders bring a quirky, vintage look to any game room, bar, home, or business. The set includes twelve decals in three complementary designs. With each decal being 48 long, that's enough decals to decorate a 12' x 12' room! Arrange them any way you like to repurpose or redecorate bureaus, cabinets, tabletops and more. They're available in woven polyester fabric or smooth vinyl so you can always find the best match for your needs. Both have a matte finish for glare-free viewing at any angle. Time for a luau!

  • Includes Twelve Decals in Three Complementary Designs
  • Choose Your Material - Woven Polyester Fabric with Matte Finish or Smooth Vinyl with Matte Finish
  • Sticks To Most Flat Surfaces; See Media Details for Specifics
  • 4 Hula Girls, 4 Tropical Flowers, and 4 Bamboo Background Decals; Each measures 48W x 6H Inches
  • Made in the USA with Eco Friendly Materials; Original Designs from the RetroPlanet Collection