Air Conditioned Diner Advertisement Wall Decal

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On a sweltering summer day - or sometimes even on a mild day - your guests long to feel sweet draughts of cooled air on their faces, stirring wisps of their hair. Assure them that your HVAC rig is up to the task with our We're Air Conditioned wall decal! This round, Googie-style artwork is a peel and stick graphic you can attach to most smooth surfaces quickly and easily for instant retro appeal. It's easily repositionable when you change your mind!

  • Premium Decal Media
  • Sticks to Most Flat Surfaces - Walls, Fridges, Cabinets, Windows and More
  • Available in 12, 24, and 36 Inch Sizes
  • Original Design from the RetroPlanet Collection; Made in the USA