Mod Flowers 70s Style Wall Decal Set of 12 Large

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Flower Power is not dead, it's just wilted. Coax it back into full bloom with our sheet of large Flower Printed Cut Out wall decals! You get a sheet of three different retro, '60s inspired flower designs: one brown, one green, and one rust colored. Stick them up in whatever orientation you choose to achieve the perfect fit for your wall decor!

  • Premium Decal Media
  • Sticks to Most Flat Surfaces - Walls, Fridges, Cabinets, Windows and More
  • One Sheet of 12 Decals; Decals Measure From 3 to 20 Inches in Diameter; Sheet Measures 28W x 60H Inches
  • Individual Decals Are Easy to Apply; Arrange Them Any Way You Like!
  • Original Design from the RetroPlanet Collection; Made in the USA