Brown Mod Flower Cutout Floor Graphic

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24 x 24
36 x 36
48 x 48
This cutout floor decal picks some vintage style back from the 70's, and plants it right in your home or business. Our floor decals are made of heavy duty vinyl with a skid resistant laminate that won't slip up on you. They're easy to apply, and the high-tack adhesive sticks to most smooth surfaces like vinyl flooring, hardwood, and painted concrete. A great way to decorate from floor-to-ceiling!

  • Made of Heavy Duty Vinyl with Skid Resistant Laminate
  • Sticks to Most Smooth Surfaces - Vinyl Flooring, Finished Hardwood, Painted Concrete, and More; Indoor Use Only
  • Available in 24, 36, and 48 Inch Sizes
  • High-Tack Adhesive for Longevity; Made in the USA
  • Available Exclusively Through Retro Planet